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Effe Balance is passionate about the base pillars of health for cats, dogs and horses. Optimizing fat metabolism and strengthening the immune system is on everyone’s mind now and in the future, and we offer our own twist on this. See our effective and natural products below.

The well-being of animals is key for us

We are a Finnish company, whose passion is to build lasting well-being, bringing a positive effect into pets’ and pet owners’ daily nutritional culture.

We want to speak about our products as a part of daily meals. This is why bringing a new culture into pet food requires justification. We took it upon ourselves with 100 % focus, as we hope that also you look for results in the products you choose? At Effe Balance we carry out tight-knit product development and research projects together with the producers of our products. Our products are linked by a strong connection with nature, which for us means purity, quality and effectiveness.

Along with superior quality, another key value for us is a warm and social way of working. Our products are sold in hundreds of partner retailer stores, where you get professional service. In challenging matters, you can of course reach out to us directly.

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