The well-being of animals is key for us

Enjoying a worry-free day in a lazyboy chair in our office in Turku, Finland, is none other than Effe-dog! Usually, the more the merrier, but not always, as Viva the mixed-breed scored the second-best place on the floor next to the chair. Effe is a Basenji, and the breed’s strong character can be seen in the daily allocation of sleeping spots ūüôā Even though these office helpers don’t have to hurry, our workdays are filled with anything and everything. We bring everything we know, and all our energy, to make sure pets can enjoy as long and healthy lives as possible, bringing them and their owners more golden moments.
– Henri Helskyaho, founder of Effe Balance.

We are a Finnish company, whose passion is to build lasting well-being, bringing a positive effect into pets’ and pet owners’ daily nutritional culture. We don’t see Effektri Omega-3 products or Black Balance bisquits as feed supplements, but as key parts of food, and as such, bringing out a kind of new nutrition culture requires justification. We took it upon ourselves with 100 % focus, as we hope that also you look for results in the products you choose? At Effe Balance we carry out tight-knit collaborative product development and research projects with BioActri B.V, the producer of Effektri products, whoise unique fish and olive oil formula combines Icelandic, Norwegian, Spanish, Italian and Finnish research centers research work of almost 30 years. In this patented product, the best sides of Mediterranean and Arctic diets are combined in such a way that animals can safely and efficiently restore and maintain the fatty acid balance in their system, permanently. We represent a kind of breakthrough in omega-3 science, and we make sure that as many as possible can enjoy the benefits it brings.

Transparency and honesty are values that our customers appreciate

The raw materials are chosen from the best human-grade choices, and all products are 100 % natural, as well as food or medical grade. In Effektri’s ingredients, the small fatty fish species come from Iceland, and the polyphenol-rich extra virgin olive oil comes from Spain. This fish olive oil mixture is bottled by cunning hands in Germany, and the production follows GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise). EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has granted this unique product’s active ingredients 17 favourable health statements to enhance the health of your pet. We want the best for you and your pet, and this is why we offer analytics services of an external laboratory to measure blood fatty acid profile. Should the animal be provided with added omega-3 fatty acids in the feed? Has the product been absorbed and utilized properly? These questions, among others, are the ones we offer answers to. We focus on building permanent results, so get on board with us.- Henkka Helskyaho, founder of Effe Balance.

Food safety

Food safety is often associated with the food being safe to consume, and that there are no health risks. Unknown substances or their remains can be found in nearly every foodstuff, and might arise naturally with decay. Impurities can be e.g. biochemical substances, which might result in health issues, depending on their type. Also, the type of impurity affects the edibility of the product. For known substances, there are levels which are used to define the maximum amount for the product in question. Our producers do regular checks to ensure that these levels are not exceeded in the products. For example, we want to make sure that the oils do not contain heavy metals, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) or dioxin. Also, the products undergo microbiological analysis, which indicates possible harmful micro organisms.
At Effe Balance, we focus on taking care of pets in a simple and high-quality way, so you can focus on the essential; The golden moments alongside your pet. Our goals also include packaging materials and processes, with which we can make sure that daily use of Effektri never causes any risk to animals from unwanted, environmentally harmful impurities, such as dioxin or dioxin-like PCB-combinations, or adverse reactions caused by the oxidation of oils.

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