For fat metabolism

Effektri Dog – Omega-3 for dogs

One product for dogs of all ages. The absorbant composition contains high-quality wild fish oils and extra virgin olive oil rich in polyphenol.

Effektri Dog – Omega-3 for dogs

For fat metabolism

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Why Effektri Omega-3 for dogs

Effektri Omega-3 Dog is developed to make your everyday life easier. One product for dogs of all ages. You can choose Effektri Omega-3 for e.g. bad skin and fur, joint issues, recovery, hormonal balance restoration and maintenance, dry and cracked paws or atopy. The key issue when choosing an omega-3 product is sufficient levels of omega-3 series EPA and DHA fatty acids, and ensuring absorption. Choose the right container size, use the convenient dosage sprout and drizzle the right amount for each family member.

  • For dry and flaky skin, to control fur loss and to remove yeast.
  • Rich in essential fatty acids that nourish the skin and improve the skin’s natural protective layer.
  • Protects paws and claws from cracking.
  • Reduces activity of harmful bacteria.
  • Affects bone health.
  • Supports the treatment of atopy and other skin inflammations.
  • Enhances the recovery of working, sports, and hunting dogs.
  • Protects the dog’s bodily system in heavy strain.
  • Protects muscles, joints and tendons, and maintains their flexibility.
  • Improves learning abilities and supports development of senses.
  • Supports bone structure development.
  • 100% natural and GMO free.

Container sizes

Available in 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml containers.

Dosage calculator
Syötä koiran paino
0 - 120 days, dose
Maintenance, dose

Hyvänmakuinen! Myös närästysherkille koirille. Effektrissä käytetty laadukas kalaöljy on puhdistettu epäpuhtauksista ja kalan proteiineista, jotta tuote soveltuisi paremmin allergiaherkille koirille. Effektri on suojattu hyvin hapettumiselta ja imeytyvyys on maksimoitu extra-neitsytoliiviöljyn polyfenoleilla, jonka johdosta voit valita vapaasti päivittäisen annosteluajankohdan. Helppo annostella ruoka-annoksen yhteyteen. Tuotteen säilyvyys avaamattomana pullotuksesta on 3 vuotta. Säilytä avattu pullo jääkaapissa. Käytä pakkaus 4 kuukauden aikana avaamisesta. Tarkka ravintosisältö lisätietoja kohdassa.


Did you know?

EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has approved a total of 17 beneficial health claims for the active substances in the fish-olive oil blend used in Effektri. The polyphenols in the pharmaceutical-grade extra-virgin olive oil make Effektri bioactive, keeping the omega-3 series EPA and DHA and other fatty acids (omega-3, -6, -7 and) in functional and absorbable form. The bioactive polyphenols from extra virgin olive oil used in Effektri is the only antioxidant which has received the EFSA-approved health claim: “Polyphenols in olive oil (5mg/day) protect the fatty acids in blood from oxidation”

Effektri is bottled in safe bottles that keep the product stable, and no oxidation occurs even after years of storage.

NOTE! At the beginning of the use of the product, the rapid excretion of waste products may cause e.g. itching, skin redness or loose stool. In this case, the dosage should be reduced and gradually increased towards the recommendation.

Research, safety and efficiency

are your and your animals’ privileges in addition with ease when you use Effektri Omega-3. To bring these important issues together in one package, almost 30 years of product development and research work has been done. The development continues at research institutes in Finland, Norway, Iceland, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain. Our goal is to grow into a leading company providing nutritional advice and high-quality products in the animal wellbeing market so you can focus on the golden moments with your pet.

One product for the whole family

Osteoarthritis, skin problems, dry, cracked and inflamed paws, weight management challenges, hormonal imbalances, muscle and joint stiffness, poor nutrient absorption, slow recovery and low energy levels. Among other things, these challenges are often associated with abnormal fat metabolism and chronic low-grade inflammation.

Western diets today often contain too much omega-6 fatty acids compared to omega-3 fatty acids. Unbalanced and one-sided feeding is one of the major factors that can increase the risk of low-grade inflammation and thus health challenges in animals. Adequate daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) is essential, for both humans and animals. A high-quality fish oil product containing polyphenols optimizes the fatty acid profile of the cell membrane so that cellular uptake of nutrients and excretion of waste products are improved and the absorption of EPA and DHA fatty acids is enhanced. Ensure the right weight-based dose every day.

Patented composition

Effektri’s excellent absorption is based on carefully selected raw materials which combine the best of the Arctic and Mediterranean diets. The information obtained from the studies is the basis for Effektri, in which the polyphenols of extra virgin olive oil are combined with the EPA and DHA fatty acids of refined and high-quality fish oil in a way that the animal can safely and effectively restore and maintain normal Omega-6 / -3 fatty acid balance permanently. The quality and shelf life of fish oil are paramount for dogs of all ages as oxidized oils unnecessarily burden the body’s natural antioxidant defenses. Effektri has the strongest possible protection against oxidation. Extra virgin olive oil acts as an antioxidant and is the only one of its kind to have received a health claim approved by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

Effektri’s operating mechanism and protection methods have been developed for decades in various research institutes.

Veterinarians recommend absorbable omega-3 oil

Veterinarians have widely discovered Effektri’s exceptional operating mechanism and its benefits in support of the treatment of osteoarthritis, paw infections, skin and fur problems, and more.

Aggressive direction changes, hard exercises on high-friction surfaces, dry and cold winters, hobbies on rough surfaces, and several other reasons can lead to the paw pads drying out, cracking, and becoming inflamed. Sufficiently long and regular use of Effektri maintains the pads and lubricates the joints, as well as increases flexibility in the muscles. The optimal fatty acid profile of the cell membrane also promotes the absorption of nutrients into the interior of the cell and improves slag metabolism. This can be seen quickly e.g. as an effective recovery from strenuous exercise and post-disease conditions.

Ingredients and nutritional value:

20 ml Effektriä contains:

Energy 164kcal/688kj
Protein 0g
Ash 0g
Raw fats 18,33g
Raw fiber 0g
Fatty acid profile
Saturated fatty acids 4077mg
Unsaturated fatty acids 9148mg
Omega-9 7278mg
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 4823mg
Omega-6 700mg
Omega-3 3766mg
C20:5(EPA) 2118mg
C22:6(DHA) 958mg
Flavonoids (polyphenols) 5mg
Vitamin D 1,66mcg


Omega-3 (EPA and DHA) wild fish oil
Follows the principles of sustainable fishing.

Medicinal extra virgin olive oil (Spain)

Natural vitamin D and E

Produced in accordance with the strict quality standards defined by the EU.

Recommended daily dosage as part of a healthy and varied diet:

0.2 ml / kg

Store the unopened bottle at room temperature, protected from sunlight. Keep the opened bottle in a cool place protected from light. Use within 3-4 months of opening.

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